What Our Customers Say

Here is a sampling of what our customers think of our service. We take pride in our treatment of customers and our relationships continue long after the installation for support and guidance.

“I would highly recommend this stove to anyone else and deal with you. I think I will burn half the wood my other boiler did. As age goes it is good sense to put less than half the wood in the stove and no smoke in your face. If you want to refer anyone to me I will give them a very positive feedback on the stove.”

Leonard - Arborg, MB

“Running great”

Dave - Stonewall, MB

“Hey Clint, stove is working perfect!!”

Brayden - Oakville, MB

What We Hear

Owner – Rob and Joan live near Stony Mountain, MB and have been heating with a various wood boilers for over 20 years. 

Previous heating -He’s used Empyre and Heatmor and in 2018 decided to update with a HeatMaster MF5000e 

Currently using a HeatMaster for – Heating a 1600 square foot shop with 16’ ceilings built in 1985, 2500 square foot one storey home with basement built in 1984, hot water tank and hot tub. They have a blower and heat exchanger in the shop, a side arm heat exchanger for the hot water tank and water to air heat exchanger tied in to the electric furnace. 

Reasons for using a wood boiler – Before they started using a wood boiler Rob and Joan’s electricity bill was over $600 per month…that was their biggest motivation to get a wood boiler. Their electricity savings paid for their MF5000e in 3 years

What they like best about their HeatMaster – Ash cleanout is easy and if the boiler water temp gets below 150F the blower fan automatically turns off to conserve heat vs. blowing cold air into a boiler that’s low on fuel.