Wood Boiler Manitoba

You can call them wood boilers, outdoor furnaces, log boilers, outdoor wood stoves or whatever you like but on this website you’ll find information on the HeatMasterss units that can heat your home, garage, shop, barn, hot water tank, hot tub, pool or just about anything that requires heat. All while reducing your heating bill and your carbon footprint (wood is carbon neutral) along with getting some exercise…handling firewood is one of the best and probably earliest ways of full body exercise.

Designed for You, Your Lifestyle and Your Independence

HeatMasterss products are the preferred biomass heating option for customers seeking energy independence. We provide the highest level of convenience, efficiency, longevity and product support through the life of the furnace.

A wood heating system allows you to eliminate your heating bill and can tie into your existing heating system.

We often get asked how many cords of wood will I use per winter in my wood boiler or how many hours between loading but there is no honest answer for that.

Species of wood (oak vs. poplar, tamarack vs. fir, moisture content (seasoned being 20% internal moisture content or less), desired indoor temperature, insulation level of building(s) to be heated and outdoor temperature all affect how much wood you’re going to burn.

Our goal is to size your boiler so you get 10 – 12 hours between loading, but your mileage will vary depending on the conditions mentioned above.

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There may be cheaper wood boilers out there, but none better.

Wood Boiler Manitoba

Use Wood Heat For Your Home and Yard

Diagram of a wood boiler set up that is providing heat to the home, garage, outdoor pool, and hot tub

How It Works


1.) Your HeatMaster outdoor furnace is sited 30-100 ft from the house, preferably down wind. A concrete pad is convenient, but is not required, concrete blocks, railway ties or crushed rock work well also for a foundation.

2.) RhinoFlex insulated water lines are run underground from the outdoor furnace to your basement or crawl space.

3.) Hot water from your outdoor furnace is piped first to the water heater. A plate heat exchanger is used to preheat the water entering the water heater, providing unlimited hot water. The supply from the outdoor furnace then continues on to the forced air furnace or existing infloor heating. A coil is placed in the furnace plenum or another plate heat exchanger is used to heat an infloor system. Your existing water heater and heating system (heat pump, gas furnace, electric forced air furnace, boiler, etc.) will still work as they always did but are now used only as a backup. If you (or a neighbour or helpful relative) is available to feed your HeatMaster wood boiler then your backup system (electric, gas etc.) never comes on.

3.) Infloor heat in a garage or shop is great for buildings that need a steady even heat source 24/7.

4.) Unit heaters (combination radiator and blower) are better for buildings where the desired air temp is adjusted up and down (day and night, weekends etc.) or you have a large overhead door that opens / closes in the Winter.

5.) Your wood boiler can be installed in your shop or garage. Imagine loading your HeatMaster indoors as well as any heat that escapes goes to heating the building the boiler is in.

6.) Pools are usually heated in the spring and fall allowing the pool to be used in cooler weather. Normally the furnace is tied into the pool filter system using a tube and shell heat exchanger.

Use the furnace for heating buildings in the Winter and your pool or hot tub the rest of the year. The more you use your HeatMaster wood boiler the lower your heating bill will be…whatever time of year.

Load the furnace, prop your feet up, and don’t worry about it til tomorrow. This is wood burning the easy way.
We guarantee unlimited HOT water and WARM heat without the bill! Houses, mobile homes, pools, barns, shops, greenhouses, snow melt on a driveway – a HeatMaster wood boiler can heat almost anything!

There are several wood boiler manufacturers out there and it’s always good to compare apples to apples:


  • How is your wood boiler insulated? Spray foam can trap moisture and lead to corrosion. If service is ever required on your boiler (like any pice of equipment, repairs are required from time to time) spray foam can make it hard to access the water jacket.
    HeatMaster uses batt and panel insulation, not spray foam.
  • Underground insulated water line, is cheaper pipe better? Cheaper pipe is cheaper because it has less insulation. Less insulation = more heat loss to the ground = more wood required = more work = more time. RhinoFlex underground insulated pipe uses closed cell spray foam and is guaranteed for 25 years and will not lose more than 1degree of heat per 100’ feet of travel. Can the cheaper pipe do that?
  • Double welded seams? All HeatMaster boilers are welded on the inside and outside of any areas that areas exposed to water.
  • Who is manufacturing and where is your boiler made? HeatMaster has been making boiler for close to 20 years and thats all they do. They also a family run company that is in its second generation.
  • What is your boiler sitting on? All HeatMaster boilers have legs with fully insulated floors. This makes them easier to install, work with and operate vs. some other boilers that sit directly on a slab and require additional insulation and can allow rust to start.
  • What is your wood boiler’s water jacket made of? HeatMaster uses 409 stainless steel, for more information please go to https://www.woodboilermanitoba.ca/stainless-steel/

The #1 enemy of a wood boiler is rust because rust causes leaks and leaks stop boilers. Everything being equal mild steel will rust before stainless steel does.

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