Why Wood Boiler Manitoba?


Thank you for stopping by our website. Our story began when our family needed an OWB (outdoor wood boiler) that satisfied a few requirements.

1.) Environmentally friendly – As a firewood supplier we pride ourselves on providing a sustainable, carbon neutral heating alternative (firewood) to fossil fuels such as natural gas, heating oil or coal. Our OWB needed to do its part to keep smoke emissions low and heat output high to reduce our environmental footprint.

2.) Heat multiple buildings / components – Quality outdoor wood boilers aren’t cheap and if I was going to pay good money I wanted our unit to heat our home, garage, shop and hot water efficiently and economically. I viewed the purchase cost of our OWB as prepaying a hydro or natural gas bill in advance.

3.) Look good – Our yard is where we live, work and play and the OWB would be a part of that. We wanted something that worked hard and looked good while doing it and looked like it belonged in our yard, not an industrial afterthought. Little to no smoke was a must-have to keep us and our neighbours healthy and happy.

4.) Easy to use / efficient – Even though we supply firewood for a living and have firewood handy, I didn’t want to have to be always filling our furnace when I could be spending time doing other things (like soaking in our wood-fired hot tub). I also wanted a unit that made the most of the firewood it burnt.

5.) Local support – As a rule I like to buy Canadian and even better buy from a Manitoba company. This supports our economy as well as having a local contact for any technical questions, parts, best practices etc. It also saves on shipping.

6.) User references – It’s pretty easy nowadays to have a professional looking website and impressive marketing materials. Whether it’s a truck, a furnace, a dog or whatever I always like to talk to people that actually own / use one before I buy.

After looking online, speaking to manufacturers and dealers, attending trade shows and meeting with actual boiler owners I decided on Heatmaster, specifically the G100. Even though the initial price of the G Series is higher than their MF cousins, my plan is to spend a bit more at the start and less over the lifetime of the furnace due to reduced firewood consumption and higher heating efficiency. After speaking and meeting with Devon and the team at Heatmaster I asked about becoming a dealer. As a high quality firewood supplier we like to partner with other high quality producers, like Heatmaster.

I know you have lots of options out there when it comes to heating your home, even more so when you consider electric and fossil fuel options. That’s why I appreciate you taking the time to visit our website, think about Heatmaster and evaluate your options when it comes to heating efficiently, safely and in an environmentally sustainable way.

When you purchase a HeatMaster boiler from Wood Boiler Manitoba you’ll get the following:


1.) Delivery of your wood boiler. These units weigh north of 900 lbs. and not everyone has the equipment to load and unload that much weight. We’ll bring your furnace right to you and make sure it gets to where it needs to go.

2. Help along the way. Initial contact, receiving a quote, answering any questions you may have, delivery, training / commissioning, parts / service and after sales support are all included with purchase. You don’t take purchasing your furnace lightly and we don’t take supporting it lightly either.

3.) Installation support. If you would like help with designing your heating system, calculating how much heat you’ll need, insurance, installing your boiler, plumbing etc. we can help.

4.) After sales support. We’re available 24/7 after your purchase for questions or help by phone, email or text. We guarantee to get back to you the same day you have a question.

5.) Selling your existing boiler. Do you have a heater you would like to replace? Not working, not efficient, smoking, needs repair, not enough heat? We’ll advertise your existing wood furnace and/or if required we’ll haul it away when we deliver your new replacement. We’ll need information on year, make, model and reason for replacing and then will get back to you with what is worth to sell.

Pricing starts at $6495. Please email or give us a call with questions, pricing requests or to discuss your application

We also have reduced pricing on used and demo units…please call or email for details. Save $ vs. buying new.

Financing is also available…please contact us for details.

Thanks for your time and stay warm!