RhinoFlex Underground Insulated Pipe

We have Rhinoflex underground insulated piping (burial 2’ to 3’ underground unless going under a road) to transport the hot water from your HeatMaster wood boiler to your building(s).

1 ”inner line is $20 per foot…it has a 25 year warranty against leaks, do it once and do it right.

While there is cheaper underground pipe out there it won’t be as well insulated resulting in more heat being lost to the ground and more work for you with more wood being burnt.

RhinoFlex Underground Insulated Pipe
Rhinoflex pipe diagram

Energy Efficient Heating

Guaranteed not to lose more than 1 degree of heat over 100’ feet of travel.

The ground can absorb an infinite amount of heat, by going with cheaper pipe with less insulation you’ll use more wood over the lifetime of your furnace…spend money or spend time.

Inside of Rhinoflex Pipe