Split – Fire 4490 Log Splitter – Free Rental

While HeatMaster wood boilers will use less wood vs. other boilers out there they still use wood….and the drier the wood the better.

For this reason, we have our Split-Fire 4490 two way log splitter available for free use of anyone that buys a HeatMaster wood boiler from Wood Boiler Manitoba.

For more information on the 4490 please see below:

Split wood in half the time by splitting forwards and back with no wasted splitter head travel.

It can split logs up to 36” long, has a log lifter for those heavy rounds (and works great as a storage table for smaller logs) and can be towed down the highway with a 2” ball.

You can split a Winter’s worth of wood in a weekend, we recommend a 3 person team to keep up to what the 4490 can do.

This splitter retails close to $10k and we’re happy to lend it out the HeatMaster owners…don’t blame us if your neighbours get jealous.